Auditors-Treasurer's Office


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Mission Statement:

To perform professionally the statutory duties of the County Auditor-Treasurer with integrity, independence, and a spirit of technological innovation while emphasizing outstanding customer service, excellent public information, and efficient use of taxpayer resources with a streamlined, well-trained and appropriately compensated staff

The Auditor-Treasurer serves as:

JeanJean Prochniak, Auditor - Treasurer:

Jean was sworn in as the Brown County Auditor-Treasurer on January 5, 2015.  She was elected to a four-year term on November 4th, 2014.

Auditor-Treasurer Staff

Brown County Auditor-Treasurer: Jean Prochniak
Asst. Auditor-Treasurer: Kelly Hotovec

Property Tax Specialist: Resa Harris
Property Maintenance Specialist: Jill Derksen

Financial Manager: Steven Rutscher
Financial Assistant: Cindy Meyer
Collections: Cindy Rueckert