County Feedlot Officers
Laine Sletta
Robert Santaella

County Feedlot Technician
Amanda Lang

Brown County is a delegated feedlot through the MPCA feedlot program that provides County Feedlot Officers for assistance to owners and operators throughout the County with regard to questions on the Feedlot Rule (MN Rule 7020).

Brown County has a total of 517 active feedlots with 397 that are required to be registered. Feedlots with more than 50 AU outside of shoreland, and 10 AU

This program is funded through the Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) and is based on the total number of feedlots that are required to be registered. The Feedlot Annual report and the Delegated Work Plan provide information to the County Board and MPCA regarding the number of inspected, number of feedlots found to be in compliance and those feedlots brought back into compliance with the state rule for that year. Please see the Reporting information below for more details.

Manure Mangement Forms and Workbook

Feedlot Newsletter


Minimum Manure Application Setbacks Near Sensitive Features.

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