Highway Department



COVID-19 Notice:

Deliveries are to be left in the drop boxes at designated doors.

Permits are on line at this website under the Highway Department link.  Call if you need assistance.

Maintenance activities and construction project preparations are continuing.


Brown County Highway Department ADA Transition Plan (PDF) - The Brown County Highway Department is required to perform a self-evaluation of its current transportation infrastructure policies, practices, and programs. This self-evaluation will identify what policies and practices impact accessibility and examine how the County implements these policies.

The Brown County Highway Department is principally responsible for the engineering, planning, and coordination of the construction and maintenance of a safe and efficient county-wide transportation system. In fulfilling these objectives, the department must promote and maintain a high degree of understanding and cooperation with the County Board of Commissioners, local units of government, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, as well as other State and Federal agencies. This department's responsibilities extend over the highways and bridges on our local County road system and our County State Aid Highway system, and scheduling replacements of bridge structures under the jurisdiction of the local Townships.

The County Highway Department handles scheduling of repairs and inspection of County Drainage Ditches.  To contact the Highway Department regarding drainage ditches, call (507) 233-5700

The Brown County Interactive GIS Site includes Parcel Information, County Ditch Information, and Section Corner Information (Including Ties).  To use, open the site, read through the disclaimer.  Once the site is open, use the boxes on the right side to turn information on and off.  To get information about the item, use the toolbar on the top of the map.  Moving your mouse arrow over the tool will give the tool name.  If you need more help, please use the Brown County GIS Help Site.