Well Sealing


Well Sealing

Unused or abandoned wells are a potential threat to health, safety and the environment.  These wells are often sealed to reduce these risks. The State of Minnesota has required that abandoned or unused well be sealed by a State of Minnesota licensed well contractor.

When a well is not being used, it must either be brought back into use or sealed. Under Minnesota State law, a seller failing to properly disclose a well is liable for well sealing costs for up to six years after the date of the sale.

A well must be sealed if it meets any of the following conditions are met:

Sealing is the process of clearing debris from the well and filling it with grout. Don’t try to do it yourself. A licensed well contractor has the legal authority, necessary equipment, and expertise to properly seal unused wells. The well contractor will complete all the necessary paperwork including permits. The contractor provides the well owner a Well and Boring Sealing Record that is a legal document for the sealing of the well.

Well Sealing Grant

Brown County offers a cost share grant for sealing wells. This grant allows the county to pay 50% of the cost to seal well, with a max amount the county will pay of $400.  Funding is limited to a as needs basis, there may be a wait list until funds are available. Well Sealing Grant Application (PDF)

For more information, go to the the Minnesota Department of Health Sealing Unused Wells website.

For more information, call Andy Meyer at 507-233-6641