One Watershed One Plan


Environmental Specialist - Andy Meyer

One Watershed One Plan

Brown County is participating in a process called One Watershed One Plan within the Watonwan River watershed.  Through this process, the creation of the Watonwan River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (WRCWMP) will assist in watershed management across county lines. This is a collaborative partnership between Blue Earth, Brown, Cottonwood, Jackson, Martin, and Watonwan Counties and Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs).

One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) is a program that supports partnerships of local government units in developing a prioritized, targeted, and measurable implementation plan designed to help gain more conservation on the landscape. Key principles include comprehensive water planning at the major watershed scale and aligning local plans and citizen input with state strategies.

This comprehensive watershed management plan represents an evolution from traditional county level water planning to watershed-based planning. The 1W1P is an effort which combines local entities that would otherwise have separate local plans into one combined planning effort to address resource issues considered most important during the planning process. In the Watonwan River Watershed, this brings the six counties and soil and water conservation districts together into one cohesive, comprehensive, and implementation-focused water planning document. This document takes input from local residents and stakeholders to create a path for future conservation implementation.

The 60-day review ended on July 21st for public comment.