Open Burning Requirements


Announcement:  Burn permits are no longer required in Brown County for brush piles, vegetative debris, tree trimmings, clean, un-painted lumber, or running fires (ex: CRP or fence line burns). Residents still need to contact the County Sheriff’s Dispatch Office prior to burning along with the Fire Chief.

Brown County Open Burning Ordinance (Link)

Before starting a burn in Brown County:

Brown County Sheriff's Office must be contacted at (507) 233-6720.

For burns located in the following fire districts, the fire chief MUST ALSO be contacted prior to the burn:

Information to be given when you call in:

Approved Materials for Burning

For any other materials or burns please contact our MN DNR District Forestry Office at (507) 359-6048 and MPCA Solid Waste Office at (507) 206-2601.

Prohibited Materials for Burning (Under MS 88.171

  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Chemically Treated Materials (ex: green treated lumber, wood that has been painted or treated at any time, paper, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Railroad Ties
  • Composite Shingles
  • Tar Paper
  • Insulation
  • Building Debris
  • Composition Board
  • Sheet Rock
  • Wiring
  • Paint or Paint Filters
  • Hazardous Materials (as described in section 116.01 subdivision 11)
  • Demolition Debris
  • Industrial Solid Waste
  • Garbage (unless solid waste pickup isn’t readily available per county board resolution)

Information on disposal of solid waste or hazardous waste can be found in the Solid Waste/Landfill and Recycling section of the website

Other Information