Emergency Response Unit


The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Team is a combination of peace officers from Brown, Redwood, Renville, and Lyon Counties. The ERU Team is responsible for providing an emergency response team equipped with specialized weapons and tactical skills to any Brown County, Redwood County, Renville, or Lyon County law enforcement agency encountering a critical incident which exceeds that departments capabilities and standard police response.

The ERU Team was established in 1992. The ERU Team currently has 14 members. The ERU Team has been used for high-risk search and arrest warrants, situations involving barricaded suspects, and other incidents where safety is a critical issue. The ERU Team is committed to providing the greatest degree of safety protection for all persons involved, including officers, victims, and suspects. At the same time the ERU Team seeks a peaceful solution to each incident, while upholding and adhering the highest standards for police conduct and professionalism.