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Snowmobile Patrol


Snowmobile Safety Enforcement Grant (PDF)

The Snowmobile Patrol enforces snowmobile violations on local rivers, lakes, trails, and on private property. Snowmobile Patrol operates two Polaris Indy snowmobiles. A donated ambulance sled can be used to transport someone in case of an injury in a remote area. Some of the violations the Snowmobile Patrol looks for are operating snowmobiles while intoxicated, unsafe and prohibited operation, and lack of snowmobile registration.

The Snowmobile Patrol works with local Conservation Officers to enforce state laws and local ordinances. Snowmobile Patrol gives safety talks to clubs and organizations along with assisting in the teaching of snowmobile safety classes. The priority of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office Snowmobile Patrol is safety for everyone.

The Snowmobile Patrol also fulfills the statutory duties of the Office of the Sheriff associated with the use of frozen waters within the boundaries of the County. Snowmobile enforcement is funded by a grant from the Department of Natural Resources to aid in snowmobile enforcement activities. Snowmobile Patrol provides public safety to the users of the trails and frozen waterways: to investigate incidents, provide snowmobile safety education talks and classes to the citizens of Brown County and to maximize the efficient use of the available resources in providing these services.



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