General Auction Information


Brown County will normally host a Tax Forfeited Land sale when the inventory warrants a sale.

How much does auctioned land cost?

After the classification process, an appraised value is set for the land. The appraised value/minimum bid prices for land listed are in the Auctions webpage.

In addition to the purchase cost, a city can reapply prior year canceled special assessments to the taxes of purchased land. Check with the city before bidding, for possible:

Terms of sale:

Carefully review the terms of the auction found on the Auctions page.  Terms may vary each auction.

All sales of auctioned lands are:

  1. Inspections
  2. Special assessments since forfeiture date
  3. Local building and zoning ordinances
  4. Renter history

Registration and earnest money

Anyone (individuals, corporations, entities, etc.) may purchase land.

You must register and provide earnest money in the form of a cashier's check, money order or certified check from your bank. No credits cards or cash accepted. Earnest money must:

If you win a bid

Your earnest money can be applied to the purchase cost. The following payment types are accepted to complete the purchase:

If you do not win a bid

Your earnest money will be returned to you when you return your bidding number.

If you win a bid, but change your mind

Earnest money will not be returned.

What does the county do with sale proceeds?

The net revenue is distributed annually to the local taxing districts on the following percentage basis:

The county’s portion pays for the maintenance, operation and repair of tax-forfeited land on inventory.

Additional information

Following the auction, results and sale prices can be found on the Auctions page.

Land not sold at auction will be offered for sale over the counter starting at 8am the day after the auction. Please call (507) 233-6617 to schedule an appointment.