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Composting Information



Brown County Planning & Zoning now has Rain Barrels and Home Composters available for sale year-round!

Composter and Rain Barrel are for sale in the Brown County Planning and Zoning.  View the below documents to find out how to order yours, or call the County Recycling Coordinator at 507-233-6641

ComposterThe Brown County Recycling Office would like to offer area residents a chance to buy residential Rainbarrelcompost bins and/or rain barrels from Norseman Environmental Products.  The “Earth Machine” and “Systern” are easy to use and small enough for anyone’s backyard!  We will be offering this opportunity only once this year—so don't miss it.

General Composting Information

Informational Links:

  • Composting at Home (Link) - This is a 12 page document on composting at home from Cornell University.  This paper includes information on what you should and should not  compost, how to separate your compost materials, different types of compost bins available, and how to balance the different types of materials to achieve the maximum efficiency and speed of the composting process.
  • Compost Biology (Link) - This is a short document on compost biology and processing. By understand how the process works, it makes composting more efficient and will help avoid unwanted problems.
  • Best Composting Methods (Link) - This is a slide show covering the best methods of composting. The presentation includes all aspects of starting a compost pile, trouble-shooting, and why composting is a viable option to reduce our waste stream. Check it out!

Choosing a Composting System (PDF) Build Your Own 36" Composter (PDF)

Contact Planning and Zoning

Located on the 2nd floor of the Brown County Courthouse

14 S State St,
New Ulm, MN 56073

Telephone: (507) 233-6640
Fax: (507) 233-6643

Laine Sletta - Zoning Administrator, Solid Waste Officer

Robert Santaella - Asst. Zoning Administrator, Septic, Feedlot Officer

John Knisley - Wetlands, Water Planning, Recyling Administrator

Amanda Lang - Feedlot Technician

Patty Zupfer - Planning & Zoning Clerk


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