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Tornado Event


Tornado Safety Tips (Link)

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent and erratic of storms. A tornado can travel for miles along the ground, lift, change direction and strike again. There is little that can be done to protect your home and workplace from the strength of tornado winds, but there are actions you can take to protection yourself and your family during a severe storm event.

A Tornado Watch is given when weather conditions are favorable to the formation of tornadoes, for example during severe thunderstorms. During a tornado watch, keep an eye on the weather and be prepared to take shelter if conditions change and worsen.

A Tornado Warning is given when a tornado or rotating funnel cloud is sighted by a trained spotter or when indicated by radar. You should take shelter immediately. Tornados can form and move quickly and there may not be time for a warning to be issued which is why you need to stay alert during severe storms.

If there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued does that mean that there will be a tornado?

No. Severe Thunderstorms are capable of generating tornadoes, hail and straight line winds; however, just because a severe thunderstorm watch or warning has been issued by the National Weather Service it doesn’t mean that hail or tornados will be involved with the storm.

When are the warning sirens sounded?

Local officials will contact dispatch to authorize the sirens to sound when a tornado is spotted by a trained weather spotter in an area approaching town.  You will be notified when the danger has passed by your local radio or TV station(s). There is NO all clear siren.

NOTE: These are outdoor warning sirens, and you may not hear them indoors which is why it is important to stay tuned in to your local radio station, TV station with weather updates or use a NOAA weather radio.


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