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Tornado Safety


Tornado Safety at Home

Get to a shelter immediately and AVOID WINDOWS. The safest place in the home is the interior part of the basement preferable under something sturdy like a table or stairwell. If you don’t have a basement, go to an inside room in the lowest floor like a closet, hallway or bathroom with no windows.

Tornado Safety at Mobile Homes

Do NOT stay in a mobile home during a tornado. Even homes with a secure tie-down system cannot withstand the force of such high winds. PLAN AHEAD. Make arrangements with friends, family or neighbors who have basements. If a tornado warning is given, leave your mobile home and seek shelter nearby. If you don’t have time to get to a basement; lie flat in a ditch or ravine and put your arms over your head. DON’T TAKE SHELTER UNDER YOUR MOBILE HOME. Encourage your mobile home community/park to build a tornado or severe storm shelter if one isn’t available to you.

Tornado Safety in the Open

If you are caught outside during a tornado or severe storm and there is no underground shelter immediately available, lie in a gully, ditch or low spot on the ground. Protect your body and head with anything available. DO NOT go into a grove of trees or lie under a car. If you’re in a vehicle, STAY THERE. Turn your car so that it is facing into the storm and be sure everyone is buckled up safely and hang on tight.


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Contact Emergency Management

Laine Sletta
EM Director
Phone: (507) 233-6644

Robert Santaella
Asst. EM Director
Phone: (507) 233-6642

Karen Moritz
Public Health Director
(507) 233-6809

Michelle Steinbeisser
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
(507) 233-6813


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