Repurchase Process


Repurchase Process:

It is possible for home owners to repurchase tax-forfeited land. For a limited amount of time after the date of forfeiture, Minnesota Statute 282.241, allows home owners or others with title rights to repurchase the land.

The person seeking to repurchase will have to pay all taxes, assessments, and maintenance costs incurred by the county during the time the land was forfeited.

How to apply for repurchase

Contact Kelly Hotovek, Assistant Auditor-Treasurer at 507-233-6617 to discuss repurchase options. Be prepared to obtain a cashier’s check, money order or certified check for the required down payment (amount will be calculated by the Auditor-Treasurer office and will include a non-refundable application fee).

Note: The property owner or taxpayer does not have a right to repurchase. The property owner or taxpayer has the privilege of submitting a written application to the county board, requesting to repurchase a parcel of tax-forfeited land. The county board by resolution has the authority and responsibility to approve or disapprove any written request for repurchase.