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Victims of Crime


For Immediate Help:

  • For Emergencies call 911
  • Brown County Crime Victim Specialist (507) 233-6665
  • Domestic/Sexual Assault (CADA) General Line (507) 233-6663
  • Domestic/Sexual Assault (CADA) 24-hr Crisis Line (800) 477-0466
  • Probation Agent Assigned to Case (507) 233-6620

Mission Statement: To enhance public safety through the implementation of a balanced justice model which assists victims of crime and promotes positive behavior change in offenders.

Domestic Violence Supervision Program (Link) - The Brown County Probation Department has a designated probation agent to closely supervise a domestic violence specific caseload.  The focus of the agent is to increase victim safety, hold offenders accountable, and promote change in offender behavior.

Crime Victim Program:

The Brown County Probation Department's crime victim program assists all victims of crime to understand their rights, make sure their rights are being upheld, and their voice is being heard.

Here are some of the free and confidential services we provide assistance with:

  • Victim impact statements
  • Restitution for economic loss or harm resulting from a crime
  • Crisis intervention
  • Emotional support
  • Court/Legal advocacy
  • Filing police reports
  • Obtaining Harassment Restraining Order
  • Safety planning
  • Filing compensation claims
  • Information about resources and referrals

Victim Rights and Inputs to Court Processes (Link)

Victim Notification (Link)

Victim Resources:

Brown County  Crime Victim Program Brochure (PDF)





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