Victim Rights and Court Process


Victims have the ability to submit written statements and to provide verbal statements to the Court at many different points during the court process for the offender.  The most common form of communicating to the Court is the Victim Input Statement (VIS) and the Restitution Certificate. These documents are available through the "forms" links on this webpage and either the Crime Victim Specialist or the Probation Agent will assist in providing, completing, and collecting the forms from the victim to ensure they are presented in a timely manner to the Court.

Victims are entitled to be present at the following Court proceedings:

Minnesota Statute Chapter 611A detail the rights afforded to victims of crime.  The Crime Victim Specialist and/or the Probation Agent will assist victims of crime to the best of our ability with understanding the rights and provisions afforded in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 611A.

The following flowcharts are tools to illustrate adult and juvenile court processes and the various hearings associated with the two separate processes.  The intent is to demonstrate the involvement or actions pertinent to victims at each stage of the process.