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Adult Protection strives to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens. Adult Protection Services focus on safety and well being but also works towards reducing neglect, abuse or exploitation of vulnerable adults through outreach and education. Vulnerable Adult Investigations are completed in conjunction with the Law Enforcement, the County Attorney's Office and state licensing agencies. As authorized by Minnesota Statutes, Brown County has an Adult Protection team in which there is representation from Brown County Human Services, Health care and Mental Health Providers, Law Enforcement, Brown County Attorney's Office, Brown County Victim's Services, as well as a faith-based organization.

A vulnerable adult is someone who:

  • Is 18 years of age or older, AND
  • Is dependent on facility services (nursing home, hospital, home health, licensed residential facilities such as group home or foster care), OR
  • Has a physical, mental, or emotional infirmity or dysfunction that requires help in caring for and protecting themselves


  • Abuse:
    • Physical or Emotional: conduct, intended or not, that produces physical or emotional pain or injury
    • Words or gestures that threaten, harass, disparage, or humiliate
    • Sexual: Violation of criminal sexual conduct or prostitution statutes, or sexual contact between a facility staff person and a resident or client of that facility
    • Personal Exploitation: Forcing a vulnerable adult to perform services for the advantage of another
  • Neglect: Failure of a caregiver to provide necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care or supervision
  • Self Neglect: Absence of necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care, or supervision
  • Financial Exploitation:
    • A person with legal authority makes unauthorized use of the vulnerable adult's resources, resulting in a detriment to the vulnerable adult
    • A person without authority uses the financial resources of a vulnerable adult, regardless of detriment

To Report abuse of a vulnerable adult, call (507) 354-8246 and ask for the Brown County Human Services social services intake worker.

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