Child Care Licensing


There is a fee for child care provider background studies. Licensing is required to do background studies on all individuals ages 13 and over that live or work in the child care program.  The background study fee is $40 per adult and $20 per minor.  A fingerprinting fee of $9.10 per person will also be charged at the fingerprinting site for each adult and only minors ages (13 to 17) who: 

  1. are paid by the provider to assist in the care of children or to work directly with children in care; or
  2. live outside of Minnesota, or
  3. have lived outside of Minnesota at any time in the last five years, or    
  4. have a Minnesota criminal record, or
  5. there is reasonable cause to believe that they may have a criminal record in another

For those applicants who have an attached garage or free standing solid fuel heat appliance or want to provide care in their basement; there is a $50.00 fee for a Fire Marshal Inspection.

Brown County Commissioners have waived child care licensing fees for calendar year 2019.

CAR Summary  - Children and Restraint Systems (PDF)

Don’t Skip Brochure CARS  (PDF)

You will need to enter which county you are looking for child care to create a list of licensed providers.

People who provide childcare in Minnesota must have a license from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. It is a misdemeanor to provide childcare without a license. However, under state law there are two exceptions to this rule:

  • You may provide unlicensed child care for children who are related to you, and children from one single unrelated family.
  • You may provide unlicensed childcare for a cumulative total of less than 30 days in any 12-month period.

Both licensed and legal unlicensed family child care providers may be “registered” to provide care to children whose parents are eligible to receive childcare subsidy. Such registration allows providers to receive payment from the Child Care Payment Department based on state and county guidelines. For more information, contact a Child Care Assistance Worker at 507-359-6500.