Sentence to Serve (STS)


Sentence to Service is a program where adult probationers perform physical labor to: work off  fines, in lieu of serving jail time, reducing jail sentences, or as a consequence for violations of  probation conditions. Adult probationers can either be Court-ordered to participate in STS or it can be voluntarily choosen by the individual.  A day of STS is typically the equivilent of serving one day in jail; or if performed to reduce fines the rate of exchange is $10 per hour of STS performed.  Probation Agents or the Jail Program staff can refer clients to STS if they qualify. Clients must work off all fines before doing STS to reduce any jail time (day for a day).  STS Projects vary depending upon the season and the location.  STS crews may work on county and state projects in parks, local projects in any cities located in Brown County, and assisting with non-profit agencies, etc within Brown County.