Domestic Violence Supervision


The Brown County Probation Department has a designated probation agent to closely supervise a domestic violence specific caseload. This probation agent works exclusively with clients who have committed an act of Domestic Abuse (pursuant to MSA ยง518B.01, Subd. 2,) against a family or household member by a family or household member. The focus of the agent is to increase victim safety, hold clients accountable, and promote change in client behavior.

Domestic Violence Supervision Agent Responsibilities (not exclusive): 

  • Complete required Court reports
  •  Provide close supervision of client
  • Agent will maintain regular contact with victim(s) and/or victim advocates (e.g. CADA)
  • Agent will maintain regular contact with service providers to ensure client compliance
  • Monitor client compliance with ALL Court order conditions

Client Responsibilities (not exclusive):

  • No direct/indirect contact with victim(s) unless as stated in Court order
  •  Comply with orders of protection
  • Mandatory attendance, participation in, and satisfactory completion of a domestic violence counseling program or domestic violence educational program per statute
  • Participation in substance abuse assessment and treatment, if appropriate
  • Participation in mental health assessment and treatment, if appropriate
  • Disclose new intimate partner relationships to supervising agent and inform new partner of current probation status

Note to Domestic Violence Victims  Brown County Victims have multiple resources to assist them.  Victims may use CADA, or the Domestic Supervision Agent.  It is acceptable for victims to work with both CADA and the Brown County Probation Department staff.