Emerald Ash Borer

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Emerald Ash Borer Visual Inspection Guide

Life Cycle of the Emerald Ash Borer

As of November 14th, 2019 Brown County is under State Formal Quarantine for EAB. This means that no federally regulated material may leave a quarantine county or zone. Regulated material is any ash material (i.e. logs, lumber, chips, and mulch) along with all hardwood firewood. Firewood is considered any wood four feet or less in length, regardless of diameter.

Symptoms of ash trees that might have EAB:

  • Thinning leaves in tree crown (by about 50%)
  • Branch die back
  • Bark splitting along branches
  • New sprouts on the trunk or random locations
  • Increased woodpecker activity

Symptoms of ash trees that definitely have EAB:

  • D-shaped exit holes roughly 1/8-inch wide
  • S-shaped tunnels/galleries under bark.
  • Visibly dead branches
  • Visible EAB egg clusters

Ways to treat for EAB:

  • Full tree removal of ash tree
  • Chemical treatment of ash tree

If you would like to report a siting of EAB, email Arrest the Pest Plant Protection or call 1-888-545-6684

To keep up to date on the status of the location that confirmed EAB, click here, this map is updated every 24hrs by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

All of the above information can be found at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s EAB Program website.

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