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Hazard Mitigation

emergency management cycle1The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines hazard mitigation as any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to life and property from natural or man-made hazards. Another way to understand it is to view this as the prevention portion of emergency management.

  • Mitigation activities are actions that will prevent, reduce or eliminate losses. It can reduce or eliminate the need for an emergency response and greatly reduce the cost and length of the recovery period.
  • Preparedness activities include the emergency plans, training, and exercises that individuals, community members and first responders participate in. This is the “practice” and “anticipation” portion of the cycle to get ready for an emergency or disaster before it happens.
  • Response is the short-term, emergency actions taken to immediately address the hazards and impacts of a disaster. 
  • Recovery is the long term process of restoring the community back to normal or pre-disaster conditions.

Contact Emergency Management

Robert Santaella
EM Director
Phone: (507) 233-6644

Shawn Stoermann
Emergency Manager
Phone: (507) 233-6852

Jaimee Brand
Public Health Director
(507) 233-6812

Michelle Steinbeisser
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
(507) 233-6813


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