Interns and Volunteers

The internship and volunteer program at the Brown County Probation Departments is designed to be a "hands on" active learning approach to the field of Corrections. All interns and volunteers will be exposed to the many different duties corrections staff perform on a daily basis. For interns, this may include supervision of adult and/or juvenile clients, write investigative reports to the Court, perform drug testing, learn courtroom procedures, etc. Volunteers, will likely assist with pre-report information, verify client information, perform ride alongs, etc.

For Information about the Intern and Volunteer Program, call (507) 233-6622 or email Evonn Westcott, Assistant Director.

Intern and Volunteer Application (PDF)
Correction Terms of Reference (PDF)

Online Payment

Probation fees can be made online by debit card, credit card or electronic check.

Make a Payment to Probation using Forte Payment Systems.


Note: Jail and Court fines/fees CANNOT be paid here.

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