Probation Staff

This is a list of the staff in the Probation Department. To email a person, click on the name.


Probation Personnel
Title Telephone
Probation Agents
Les Schultz Director (507) 233-6620
Evonn Westcott Assistant Director (507) 233-6622
Jill Hady Adult Agent (507) 233-6623
Dave Munson Adult Agent (507) 233-6634
Lynette Wellmann Adult Agent (507) 233-6619
Randy Baker Adult Agent (507) 233-6624
Jill Ferretti Adult/Juvenile Agent (507) 233-6693
Jane Schmid Intensive Juvenile Agent (507) 233-6646
Mary Portner Adult Agent (507) 233-6696
Andy Braulick Juvenile/Truancy Agent (507) 233-6620
Probation Program Staff   
Lori Sanwick Juvenile Crew Leader (507) 766-6273
Bernie Epper Crime Victim Specialist (507) 233-6665
Probation Support Staff 
Stacey Pribyl Office Supervisor (507) 233-6625
Jamie Windhorn Support Specialist (507) 233-6620
Terese Gruber Support Specialist (507) 233-6620
Dept of Corrections Staff
Sarah Eischens Supervisor (507) 344-5284
Eric Bruns Adult STS Crew Leader (507) 276-4195
John Boelter
Adult STS Crew Leader (507) 276-4196
Emily Douglas Felony Agent (507) 233-6652
Andrea Stevens Felony Agent (507) 375-1294
Nola Seidl Felony Drug Court Agent (507) 233-6652
Angie Weston Group Supervision Agent (507) 344-5280
Susan Enwright Support Specialist  (507) 233-6651

Online Payment

Probation fees can be made online by debit card, credit card or electronic check.

Make a Payment to Probation using Forte Payment Systems.


Note: Jail and Court fines/fees CANNOT be paid here.

Cards Accepted:credit card icons1

Contact Probation

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am to 4:30pm

1 S State St,
New Ulm, MN 56073

Telephone: (507) 233-6620
Fax: (507) 233-6649

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Office Hours: 8am to 4:30pm (most offices)

Main Office Phone: 507-233-6600

Courthouse Address:
14 S State St
New Ulm, MN 56073

Individual Office Hours may vary.


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