ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS:  If you have experienced flooding in your home from the recent rains and your insurance company has deemed your losses to be 50% of your property value or more, you may qualify for a local option abatement. Contact the Brown County Assessor’s office before July 1st @ 507-233-6606 to speak with an appraiser to request an inspection.

Victim/Offender Mediation Program (VOM)

The Victim/Offender Mediation Program (VOM) has been in existence since 1996 serving victims, offenders and the community in certain victim related offenses. The program serves Brown County and surrounding counties by request.  A face-to-face meeting between victims and offenders helps to reduce victim trauma, humanize the criminal justice process, to increase offender accountability, provide restitution, create opportunities for reconciliation between the victim and the offender, enhance community understanding of crime and criminal justice, break down stereotypes, and, in combination with other sanctions, reduce reliance on conventional punishment.

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