ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS:  If you have experienced flooding in your home from the recent rains and your insurance company has deemed your losses to be 50% of your property value or more, you may qualify for a local option abatement. Contact the Brown County Assessor’s office before July 1st @ 507-233-6606 to speak with an appraiser to request an inspection.

Who's My Appraiser/Assessor Review

About Assessor Review

The Assessor’s Office is required by State law to physically review your property at least once every five years and record any changes in property characteristics since their last visit. This review is part of an ongoing revaluation program to ensure the accuracy of our data and to assist us in estimating a fair and equitable value of your property for property tax purposes.  This process is known as the quintile review.  Reference (Minnesota Statutes, section 273.01)

Appraisal staff carries County Identification and will request permission to view the interior and exterior of your property. If you are not home we will complete an exterior inspection and a notice will be left on your front door notifying you of our visit with any further instructions such as a need for an interior review or verification of information.

Appraisal staff view the interior and exterior of your property to collect property characteristics used in estimating market value. The property characteristics such as year built, style, square footage, quality of construction, and condition are entered into a computerized mass appraisal system.

Please Note: Additional inspections may be necessary for new construction or for other property changes.

Clicking the link for Assessing Area will show a map of when a certain area will be assessed. All maps are in PDF format.

City of Cobden - Angela Gauert
City of Comfrey - Amos Vogel*
City of Evan - Angela Gauert
City of Hanska - Angela Gauert
City of New Ulm -

Jim Heil
John Thompson II

City of Sleepy Eye - Jim Heil
City of Springfield - Angela Gauert
Albin Township - Jim Heil
Bashaw Township - Amos Vogel*
Burnstown Township - Amos Vogel*
Cottonwood Township - Amos Vogel*
Eden Township - Amos Vogel*
Home Township - Jim Heil
Lake Hanska Township - Amos Vogel*
Leavenworth Township - Amos Vogel*
Linden Township - Amos Vogel*
Milford Township - Amos Vogel*
Mulligan Township - Angela Gauert
North Star Township - Angela Gauert
Prairieville Township - Amos Vogel*
Sigel Township - Amos Vogel*
Stark Township - Angela Gauert
Stately Township - Angela Gauert
Grain Elevators - Anne Grunert
Manufactured Homes -  

* An Independent Licensed Contractor that is not employed with Brown County

Upcoming Board of Review

05 May 2023;
02:30PM -
Sleepy Eye Open Book Board of Review
08 May 2023;
09:00AM -
New Ulm Open Book Board of Review
08 May 2023;
07:00PM -
Comfrey Open Book Board of Review
09 May 2023;
05:30PM -
Springfield Open Book Board of Review
12 Jun 2023;
07:00PM -
County Board of Review

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